Nenu Naa Desam 1973 నేను నా దేశం

Movie: Nenu Naa Desam 1973 నేను నా దేశం
Cast: Ramakrishna, Geetanjali రామకృష్ణ, గీతాంజలి
Music: Satyam సత్యం
Director: M.S.Gopinath యం.యస్.గోపినాథ్
Year: 1973


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1. Kurisenu hrudayamlo tene jallulu virisenu naalone prema mallelu
కురిసెను హృదయంలో తేనె జల్లులు విరిసెను నాలోనే ప్రేమ మల్లెలు
2. Nenu naa desam pavitra bharata desam saati lenidi dheetu raanidi
నేను నా దేశం పవిత్ర భారత దేశం సాటి లేనిది ధీటు రానిది

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  1. The Lyricist of the song is not mentioned for which the song became so famous during its time and even today has a great patriotic fervor to it. The Lyricist is Ankisree garu whose real name is Sri A C Venkata Swamy from Chennai Port Trust. He wrote many other songs which were rendered by Singer Yellareswari and later songs of Tarangini for Lord Ayyappa were translated for Sri Yesudas by him. I am his daughter in law.

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